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Wanted...Email Address

Please be aware that Coronation School requires a valid email address for all families. These email addresses are used for emergency communication (i.e. power outages) and possible school announcements in the future. If the office does not have your email address could you please send it to leno@cle...

Coronation Education Plan and AER report 2016-17

Coronation Education Plan and AER Report 2016-17


Please realize that bell times have changed.  Morning bell rings at 8:55, classes start at 9:00 and the last bell rings at 3:11. Please realize there are NO early close Mondays or Fridays. Please have your Student Information Update Form handed back to your homeroom teacher or the office as soon...

Nailing Down Lockdown

As per Alberta Education Policy and Clearview Schools Division recommendation, Coronation School has a lockdown protocol in place in the unlikely event that an intruder enters the school. In order for our lockdown procedure to be followed all side entrances will be locked after the second bell so...

Our "sole"policy

Coronation School staff enforces a two shoe policy for our school.  This means that it is mandatory for all students to have a separate pair of shoes for all indoor use especially for physical education classes in the gym.  The second pair of shoes can be kept in their hall locker or in their gym...