Teacher Resources


Tools and Resources:

  • www.learnalberta.ca
  • www.tools4teachers.ab.ca
  • www.2learn.ca - A wonderful web site for teachers to use. This site was built by Alberta teachers for Alberta teachers and contains a tremendous amount of information (lessons, links, projects, etc.) for teachers to use. Some of the activities are tied right into the ICT outcomes and you can use the activities for your own use.
  • www.aac.ab.ca(Alberta Assessment Consortium) - Assessment tools for teachers
  • www.education.alberta.ca
  • www.education.gov.ab.ca
  • www.discoveryeducation.com/ - Online teaching videos and Lesson Plans
  • www.sitesforteachers.com/ - This site has a compilation of links to sites containing teacher resources.  Itis an excellent place to look for teacher resources such as lesson plans, worksheets, etc.
  • www.pacificnet.net/~mandel/ (Teachers Helping Teachers) - This is a place where teachers can share ideas that can be used in the classroom, tips and teaching methodologies with other teachers from around the world.


Subject Specific:

ELA 7-12 Technology: