March 18 - Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians of Coronation School Students,

First of all, I want to say on behalf of the staff of Coronation School, that we are deeply saddened that our time with your children has been brought to an end so abruptly and prematurely this school year.  The uncertainty regarding the rest of the school year has created a massive hole in our lives right now, and we are reeling from these events. That being said, we also realize that this situation is bigger than us and our school, and we are 100% committed to moving forward with your children’s education, growth, health and well being.  We have, and will continue to, work collaboratively to develop a plan for delivering the curriculum to your children in the most effective way possible. Meeting student needs remains our primary concern and we realize our plan requires fluidity to adjust to the quickly changing situation. We are asking for patience and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters.  Trust that we are always trying to do what is best for your children, and that will remain the starting point for everything we do.  


We are planning to coordinate pickup of student’s personal items, school supplies and packages  for Friday, March 20. Perhaps the most efficient way to organize for this is to have families pick up children’s belongings at once.  In addition, some families are getting money back from events that have been cancelled. Elementary kid’s refunds will be in their report cards while older students will need to look in bags/pencils cases, binders, etc.  All shoes and/or boots from entryways will be brought to the gym where they can be picked up. If these are missed on pickup, they will be kept in the school until next year, or a person may call the school if footwear is needed before that.  We also ask Jr. and Sr. high students to clean gym lockers and take belongings home. I apologize but we needed to cut non - school locks from lockers. We will reimburse those at the beginning of next year . . . sorry, but we didn’t know any other way to proceed.  


All student possessions have been sorted and placed in garbage bags (except gym locker contents and shoes) and will be sitting in the gym under the letter of the last name of your oldest child.  Please use the West gym doors to enter and exit the gym (ones facing hockey arena)


The pick up schedule is as follows:




Families    A - H NOON - 12:30

Families    I - Q 12:30 - 1:00

Families    R - Z 1:00 - 1:30


I realize this may seem like a short turn around time, but everything is packed up and ready to go. It is just a matter of coming in, grabbing bags, and leaving again.


If needed, Chromebooks and charge cords (all have been wiped down and disinfected) are available to sign out for families as well.  As we have a limited supply, please take only one if needed. Should families decide later that chromebooks are needed, please call the school and we can make arrangements for pick up. 


Like I said earlier, the staff realize that delivery of curriculum will need to be flexible.  We believe that contact with the students needs to be consistent and have continuity. Therefore, the high school teachers are planning to have live delivery through google meets or Zoom for each class several times a week to support their lessons; junior high are planning live delivery at least once a week; and the elementary teachers are planning a number of different ways to deliver lessons to children. This will require a wifi connection to either join in live with the teacher while they are giving the lesson, or to log on later to hear the recording of the lesson.  If neither of these are possible due to poor internet or whatever the case may be, we are also prepared to offer courses through ADLC hard copy format. This would involve the student working through booklets and then contacting the teachers during their scheduled times when they need assistance or to make arrangements for marking etc…


The schedule will be as follows:



Grade 12

Grade 11

Grade 10

Grade 9

Grade 8

Grade 7


Math 31

Chem 20

Psych 20

Math/ Sci




SS 30

Math 20-1

Math 10




Bio 30

Math 20-2

SS 10





Sci 30

Eng 20




If students cannot “attend” classes during these times on any given day, and have questions about the lessons, they will need to contact the teacher during the designated time slot for that class the following school day.


In order to maintain contact with teachers and keep up with courses, it is imperative that students consistently check their school email.  This will be the main communication tool from the school to the student.


Your child may need support for mental health, as a result of these additional stresses.  If your child needs additional support, please contact your school principal who will arrange for a Family School Liaison staff member to connect with you and your child.  Your child may have already been connected with the Family School Liaison (Mrs. Mazankowski) please contact her at (403) 740-5388 and together you can discuss how to continue support. For older students they may contact her directly through texting to the above number or email 



Cam Brown


Coronation School